your blog is one of the most unique/interesting ones ive ever seen! its amazing! :D


Aw, thanks a lot :)

Could you make a version of the gender equality sign with the combined mars/venus thing in the upper left? (Sorry if that's not a clear description, if you search 'genderqueer symbol' on google images you can probably find one.)



Here it is:

the gender equality symbol you made was good enough to get on my tumblr radar, but i'm afraid you've excluding literally every trans* and genderqueer person. this is our fight, too.


You are so so right. That people could feel excluded from this wasen’t on my mind, while creating this. If i had been, i would sure have made it different :)

But anyways, no matter if a person is trans*, female, male or anything else, we should be equal - and that’s what’s important and worth fighting for. 

Hey, this is a great blog but I just wanna point out that this post post/65436750868 is sorta incorrect in that when the sign is positioned like that, it's actually a buddhist symbol that means good fortune. For it to be a swastika (as I assume it was meant to be), it needs to be tilted at 45 degrees. (Just thought I'd point this out because it's way unfair that the sign is taken to mean something all of the time when it can mean other things).


That’s right, but i didn’t really think about this when i made the post.

The post is deleted - thank you for making me aware of it :)

best blog on tumblr ♥


Thank you!

i am completely in love with your blog


You are melting my heart, thank you! :)

Make the equality sign, please. :)


Hey :) 

Sorry for this super late response. 

I’ve made three different for you…